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1000 in stock

KBC1122The KBC1122 is an integrated Keyboard/System Management Controller which incorporates a highperformance 8051 Micro-Controller, an LPC Bus Interface which provides a Firmware Hub Interface and integrated Super I/O/LPC Resources. The KBC1122 is powered by two separate supply planes (VCC1, VCC0) to provide “instant on” and sophisticated system power management functions. The KBC1122 power control circuitry supports multiple low power-down modes. The KBC1122 incorporates a Direct Battery Management (DBM) with SMSC SentinelAlert! accessible by the 8051. Together with external remote temperature sensor(s) can provide complete Analog Monitoring & Control System. The KBC1122 DBM includes an 8 channel ADC, a 3 channel DAC with SMSC SentinelAlert! and up to 2 SMSC SentinelAlert! GPIO’s, two channel one-pin Temperature Sensor Communication Links, and a hardware protect output that requires no programming or 8051 intervention to operate. The KBC1122 incorporates a Standby Power Reset Generator (RESGEN) which monitors the VCC1 power input and generates the internal VCC1 power on reset for the KBC1122. The KBC1122 also outputs VCC1RST# which can be used to reset the Flash memory on the Shared Flash Interface (SFI).