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1000 in stock

General Description The RT8152C/D is a single phase PWM controller with integrated MOSFET drivers. Moreover, it is compliant with Intel IMVP6.5 Voltage Regulator Specification to fulfill its mobile CPU core and Render core voltage regulator requirements. The RT8152C/D adopts G-NAVP (GreenNative AVP), which is a Richtek’s proprietary topology derived from finite DC gain compensator constant on-time mode, making it an easy setting PWM controller meeting all Intel AVP (Active Voltage Positioning) mobile CPU/ Render requirements. The output voltage of the RT8152C/ D is set by 7-bit VID code. The built-in high accuracy DAC converts the VID code ranging from 0V to 1.5V with 12.5mV per step. The system accuracy of the controller can reach 1.5%. The part supports VID on-the-fly and mode change on-the-fly functions that are fully compliant with IMVP6.5 specification. It operates in single phase and diode emulation modes. It can reach up to 90% efficiency in different modes according to different loading conditions. The droop load line can be easily programmed by setting the DC gain of the error amplifier. With proper compensation, the load transient can achieve optimized AVP performance. This chip controls soft-start and output transition slew rate via a capacitor. It supports both DCR and sense resistor current sensing. The RT8152C/D provides power good and thermal throttling output signals for IMVP6.5 Render core specification, and additional clock enabling for CPU core specification. It also features complete fault protection functions including over voltage, under voltage, negative voltage, over current and thermal shutdown. The RT8152C/D is available in WQFN-32L 5×5 small foot print package.