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999 in stock

The APD3212/NCP3218/NCP3218G is a highly efficient, multi−phase, synchronous buck switching regulator controller. With its integrated drivers, the APD3212/NCP3218/NCP3218G is optimized for converting the notebook battery voltage into the core supply voltage required by high performance Intel processors. An internal 7−bit DAC is used to read a VID code directly from the processor and to set the CPU core voltage to a value within the range of 0.3 V to 1.5 V. The APD3212/NCP3218/NCP3218G is programmable for 1−, 2−, or 3−phase operation. The output signals ensure interleaved 2− or 3−phase operation.The APD3212/NCP3218/NCP3218G uses a multimode architecture run at a programmable switching frequency and optimized for efficiency depending on the output current requirement. The APD3212/NCP3218/NCP3218G switches between single− and multi−phase operation to maximize efficiency with all load conditions. The chip includes a programmable load line slope function to adjust the output voltage as a function of the load current so that the core voltage is always optimally positioned for a load transient.The APD3212/ NCP3218/NCP3218G also provides accurate and reliable short−circuit protection, adjustable current limiting, and a delayed power−good output. The IC supports On−The−Fly (OTF) output voltage changes requested by the CPU. The APD3212/NCP3218/NCP3218G are specified over the extended commercial temperature range of −40°C to 100°C. The ADP3212 is available in a 48−lead QFN 7x7mm 0.5mm pitch package. The NCP3218/NCP3218G is available in a 48−lead QFN 6x6mm 0.4mm pitch package. ADP3212/NCP3218 has 1.1 V Vboot Voltage, while NCP3218G has 987.5 mV Vboot Voltage. Except for the packages and Vboot Voltages, the APD3212/NCP3218/ NCP3218G are identical. APD3212/NCP3218/NCP3218G are Halogen−Free, Pb−Free and RoHS compliant.