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999 in stock

The MAX8744/MAX8745 are dual step-down, switchmode, power-supply (SMPS) controllers with synchronous rectification, intended for main 5V/3.3V power generation in battery-powered systems. Fixed-frequency operation with optimal interleaving minimizes input ripple current from the lowest input voltages up to the 26V maximum input. Optimal 40/60 interleaving allows the input voltage to go down to 8.3V before duty-cycle overlap occurs, compared to 180° out-of-phase regulators where the duty-cycle overlap occurs when the input drops below 10V. Output current sensing provides peak current-limit protection, using either an accurate sense resistor or using lossless inductor DCR current sensing. A low-noise mode maintains high light-load efficiency while keeping the switching frequency out of the audible range. An internal, fixed 5V, 100mA linear regulator powers up the MAX8744/MAX8745 and their gate drivers, as well as external keep-alive loads. When the main PWM regulator is in regulation, an automatic bootstrap switch bypasses the internal linear regulator, providing current up to 200mA. An additional adjustable linear-regulator driver with an external pnp transistor may be used with a secondary winding to provide a 12V supply, or powered directly from the main outputs to generate lowvoltage outputs as low as 1V. Independent enable controls and power-good signals allow flexible power sequencing. Voltage soft-start gradually ramps up the output voltage and reduces inrush current, while soft-shutdown gradually ramps the output voltage down, preventing negative voltage dips. The MAX8744/MAX8745 feature output undervoltage and thermal-fault protection. The MAX8744 also includes output overvoltage-fault protection. The MAX8744/MAX8745 are available in a 32-pin, 5mm x 5mm, thin QFN package. The exposed backside pad improves thermal characteristics for demanding linear keep-alive applications.