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999 in stock

The MAX8632 integrates a synchronous-buck PWM controller to generate VDDQ, a sourcing and sinking LDO linear regulator to generate VTT, and a 10mA reference output buffer to generate VTTR. The buck controller drives two external n-channel MOSFETs to generate output voltages down to 0.7V from a 2V to 28V input with output currents up to 15A. The LDO can sink or source up to 1.5A continuous and 3A peak current. Both the LDO output and the 10mA reference buffer output can be made to track the REFIN voltage. These features make the MAX8632 ideally suited for DDR memory applications in desktops, notebooks, and graphic cards. The PWM controller in the MAX8632 utilizes Maxim’s proprietary Quick-PWM™ architecture with programmable switching frequencies of up to 600kHz. This control scheme handles wide input/output voltage ratios with ease and provides 100ns response to load transients while maintaining high efficiency and a relatively constant switching frequency. The MAX8632 offers fully programmable UVP/OVP and skip-mode options ideal in portable applications. Skip mode allows for improved efficiency at lighter loads.