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MAXIM 17005B


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Παράδοση: 2 - 3 μέρες

Κωδ. προϊόντος: CH-CIC087


1000 in stock

The MAX17005/MAX17006/MAX17015 are high-frequency multichemistry battery chargers. These circuits feature a new high-frequency current-mode architecture that significantly reduces component size and cost. The charger uses a high-side MOSFET with n-channel synchronous rectifier. Widely adjustable charge current, charge voltage, and input current limit simplify the construction of highly accurate and efficient chargers. The charge voltage and charge current are set with analog control inputs. The charge current setting can also be adjusted with a PWM input. High-accuracy current-sense amplifiers provide fast cycle-by-cycle current-mode control to protect against short circuits to the battery and respond quickly to system load transients. In addition, the charger provides a high-accuracy analog output that is proportional to the adapter current. In the MAX17015, this current monitor remains active when the adapter is absent to monitor battery discharge current.