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997 in stock

Conexant’s CX20671 HD Audio codec SoC is a low-power,102 dB SNR, highperformanceaudio codec with integrated 2-WRMS (per channel) stereo speakeramplifier with Spread Spectrum EMI dispersion technology. Two independent pairs ofDACs and three independent pairs of ADCs support Multi-Streaming and Real TimeCommunications applications. The audio fidelity of the device exceeds Microsoft WLP4.0 Desktop and Notebook Premium Logo requirements. Additionally, the deviceachieves a high level of integration by featuring an integrated 5 V to 3.3 V Low-dropout(LDO) voltage regulator that guarantees high performance analog audio performancewithout incurring external BOM, and an integrated 3.3 V to 1.8 V low-dropout voltageregulator used to power internal digital blocks.The device features a ProCoustic capless headphone driver. This high-output powerheadphone driver delivers 50 mW per channel into a 32 Ω load, eliminating the needfor an external headphone amplifier and DC-blocking capacitors, and produces a fullrange frequency response without sacrificing the output level. The ProCousticheadphone driver provides a true high-definition listening experience from the PC forthe audio aficionado. All output ports feature PopShield circuitry that eliminates popsor clicks.The CX20671 also features Conexant’s D-Flex power management scheme, whichallows the system to exceed the power savings specified in the Intel ECR 15Brequirement. The entire audio SOC consumes 16.79 mW during S0-idle. The internalWake-on-PC-Beep logic resumes the analog paths for the external PC-Beep topropagate through to the output ports.The CX20671 features one single-bit stream digital microphone interface, whichallows interfacing to two digital microphones for dual microphone arrayimplementations. The Digital Microphone Interface (DMI) is optimized with a hardwareDC-level filter, which compensates for digital microphones with DC offset limitations.Conexant has qualified many digital microphones and listed them on the ApprovedVendor List (AVL), providing the OEM and the ODM with more selections andflexibility. The audio codec features an independent SPDIF out supporting samplerates up to 96 kHz, 16-24-bit resolution.The device is compliant with Intel’s High Definition Audio Specification (Revision 1.0),as well as the ECR 15B power management scheme.