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1000 in stock

The ADP3208D is a highly efficient, multiphase, synchronous buck switching regulator controller. With its integrated drivers, the ADP3208D is optimized for converting the notebook battery voltage into the core supply voltage required by high performance Intel processors. An internal 7−bit DAC is used to read a VID code directly from the processor and to set the CPU core voltage to a value within the range of 0.3 V to 1.5 V. The phase relationship of the output signals ensures interleaved 2−phase operation.The ADP3208D uses a multi−mode architecture run at a programmable switching frequency and optimized for efficiency depending on the output current requirement. The ADP3208D switches between single− and dual−phase operation to maximize efficiency with all load conditions. The chip includes a programmable load line slope function to adjust the output voltage as a function of the load current so that the core voltage is always optimally positioned for a load transient.The ADP3208D also provides accurate and reliable short−circuit protection, adjustable current limiting, and a delayed power−good output. The IC supports On−The−Fly (OTF) output voltage changes requested by the CPU.The ADP3208D is specified over the extended commercial temperature range of −10°C to 100°C and is available in a 48−lead LFCSP